Volunteer introduction from Owen.

by Owen Ferguson
(Kimberley, Ontario, Canada)

Me out in the woods.

Me out in the woods.


My name is Owen and I have fallen madly in love with Oaxaca. I have spent 1.5 of the past three years there, in locations ranging from the southern coast to the central valley. I feel a connection to the planet in Oaxaca that I've never sensed anywhere else. Something about the rocks themselves seems to sing out a very special melody.

I am trained as a chef, in the classical European style, and so I find the food in Oaxaca to be particularly engrossing. While my Spanish is somewhat hobbled, I have managed to learn the vocabulary necessary to source quality ingredients at the markets.

Oh, the markets! Oaxaca's market culture is one of the primary reasons I continually return. Where else can one find such a panoply of resplendent quality so readily available? The processed food culture predominant in Canada is, in my opinion, one of the primary sources of toxic debasement afflicting the entire populace.

I'm looking for a place to show of my vegan cooking skills, ideally for large groups. However, I also possess other skills which would make me an asset for your organization outside the kitchen, including construction, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and gardening.

I would be volunteering alongside my wife Bex, who is primarily focused on the healing arts (as well as web-based promotion and course construction) so together we could provide assistance in all aspects of your operation.

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