Volunteer Introduction

by Ruth
(Madrid, Spain)

Nine years ago I decided to start a journey, ostensibly to India, which I was unaware would be the beginning of my own self discovery. What initially was to be a two-month trip was extended to six months. During the first few months I worked in the centers of Mother Teresa of Calcutta as a volunteer and served the poor, children and the sick. Every day I lived from a state of peace and happiness that until then were not very common in my daily life. I could not comprehend what I could think of from this state, however over time, I realized that if for a moment you forget yourself, of that " character " we think we are and you give to life and the present moment, I found that what arises, in each moment without judgment and resistance, is that something beautiful happens, you find your true self.

As I'm digging deeper into this mind in this ongoing " me " at every turn, beginning to perceive me from a different place. Upon release, at least for a moment my ideas about myself, my ideas of the world, my thoughts on the other, I can afford to connect with my feelings with what simply is.

Projects as beautiful as the Sanctuary are important to support and volunteer as they give me the opportunity to turn my eyes inside, drop everything that I know and open my heart to the mission.


Three month later, as Ruth prepared to leave, watch and listen to something very special:


Truth from Ruth. from Yogi Sinzapatos on Vimeo.


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