Volunteer Organic Awaken Souls

by Nicolas & Bea
(Montreal, Canada)

After 4 life decades, we could label ourselves as Organic Awaken Souls who want to create and fulfill a new spiritual nature-oriented journey in their life.

There are several reasons for that:
Exhaustive and draining jobs which are excessively stressful and devoid of spiritual meaning (virtual and superficial)
A ''back to the nature’’ willingness to learn, work and share multiple organic cooking knowledges
Discover new ways of living and new gardening crafts
As we currently live in Montreal (Canada), we did unfortunately develop a strong allergy to the very long freezing Montreal winter climate, made of insane cold temperatures and snow galore...

For all these main reasons, work exchange in The Sanctuary could be an opportunity for us to discover and establish bases to create a new spiritual life space.

Our Mission:
Going back to the natural basis of life by learning from what nature has to offer us. After working (both of us) more than 20 years in the superficial society, the time has come for us to be regrounded to our roots, to mother Earth.

Looking forward to meet the Healing Haven community !

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