Volunteer Potential November 2014!

by Robyn Unrau
(edmonton, ab, canada )

I was super excited to find your website!
Healing Haven is exactly what i have been looking for....
To continue my own journey to full healing, and to share my soul with others to assist in their full healing.

I am a life student, yoga instructor, raw food holistic chef, massage therapist, meditator and permaculture student.
My life journey now takes me to retreat centres around the world, sharing myself and my skills for the betterment of the whole earth and all it's beings.

I would be so blessed to share time with you, to learn from you and with you, to move deeper into my own spiritual practices, and community practices.
To live in community, share in community, co-create with others, live gently, live fully, these are my life passions. I am currently living in community in Edmonton, Alberta until October 30, 2014.


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