Volunteer Quotes by Cori Ellingson

by Cori
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

Cori (on the left)

Cori (on the left)

I am so inspired to become part of this amazing healing place. It is am opportunity to "live" that which I have been aspiring towards and have experienced in bits and pieces. This inludes intentionally living in a loving, healing, supportive community for the greater good of the whole. Then add vegan food and drink options, cleansing and detox, yoga --- you get the picture. What is being offered here resonates strongly with my beliefs and habits evolving over many years and I am excited to share my talents here!!

We are delighted to have agreed with Cori to join our Healing Team. Cori arrives at The Sanctuary on December 5th 2013 and will stay for at least several months.

Cori has an adventurous spirit, taking delight in learning and growing from new experiences. Traveling the world is one of her greatest pleasures. To see multiple ways to live and experience oneness in meaningful connections with locals, is how her journeys continuously unfold.

A friend of Cori's recently sent this email:

"I am grateful to know you and have this time to share with you. The gifts you bring to this world and to all you meet on a daily basis is profound. Your love of life, your enthusiasm and your genuine sharing is contagious. As I watch you be with people, talk to people, share time with those you encounter whether you already know them or have just met them and see the impact you have on them is a joy to witness. May this gift continue throughout the world. I am grateful we have connected in this life. Much Love"

Born in the "Peace River Country" in NW Canada instilled a passion for the land. Raising three healthy vegetarian children, horses and chickens while gardening, farming and berry picking in a rural setting taught her so much. She has Indigenous roots which explains her deep connection with nature and love for the stone people, plant people, animals, birds... all Relations, all life.

Being a student on the Shamanic path drew her to the Big Island of Hawaii to study the mysterious lives of the Ancients with Huna, Hula and Hawaiian Chanting. For 20+ years, she also studied the Medicine teachings both from North and South America. Cori opened her home for many years to lead full moon sacred healing fires and other earth honoring ceremonies.

Her book, Vision Quest, A Spiritual Awakening, details an incredibly adventurous, life changing experience. Two days on a mountain alone, with no tent or food opened a deeper connection inside and outside her. For more information see her website www.heartproductions.ca/

Inspiring, guiding and modeling ways to live life to the fullest is a big gift. Wellness is key, for health determines much of our capacity. "Health truly is our wealth." Cori's passion includes all aspects of health and healing, personal and spiritual growth. Living in community with like minded people, leading workshops and delicious food classes, holding earth honoring ceremonies, loving our Earth and living respectfully and sustainably is a vision she has held for many years.

"In 2005 while living on Vancouver Island, BC in Canada, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. i was already aware of many natural healing methods and the Gerson Therapy came to us through a local organic juice bar. The owners brought Charlotte Gerson in to teach a group of interested people how to support themselves and/or a loved one through the therapy. It includes 13 glasses of organic juice and 6 coffee enemas daily, as well as meals. I went on to complete my certification by going on a two week modified program of half the juices and enemas. This was a part of my ongoing education about the vast array of alternatives available to those with life threatening issues" - Cori

Cori is very excited to offer her talents and zest for life at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido. One of her dreams has been to live in a Spanish speaking country long enough to become fluent in their beautiful language which enriches the opportunity at The Sanctuary even more.

Cori is already planning to lead her first retreat at The Sanctuary which will take place from 22nd to 28th December 2013. See our healing retreats page for more information and to reserve your space.

She will also lead a monthly full moon ceremony.

Join us for the first on December 17 2013
Full Moon Fire.
Fire ceremony is the oldest ritual known. It is a rite of renewal and transformation after release and purification. We have the opportunity to release what is no longer serving in our lives and ask for something new. We honor many indigenous traditions in setting the fire and opening sacred space. Participate in drumming, songs or journeying before the fire. Your own drum or rattle are welcome.

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