Volunteer quotes by Kait

by Kait

Hi everyone!

My name is Kait I'm an Australian girl looking to be a volunteer at The Sanctuary from November. I am currently living in London - needing to escape to warmth, clean eating, a place of both inner exploration and meeting new people and, yoga!

I am a vegetarian, love animals, keeping active and learning about my number one passion -food! (especially chocolate) I love to live a healthy, organic and raw food lifestyle where possible having been drained and exhausted from a career in the stressful and high pressure industry that is fashion, and now I'm looking to begin a new career in health and nutrition after this experience.

What drew me to this haven is the sense of community, the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life but with similar interests, and the love of living the cleanest most wholesome lifestyle possible through healthy diet, yoga, meditation and a balanced lifestyle. I also can't wait to immerse myself in the Mexican culture and language!

Looking forward to meeting you all :)


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