Volunteer Quotes from Danielle

by Danielle
(British Columbia, Canada)


My name is Danielle and I live on the beautiful western coast of Canada.

I am grateful to have stumbled upon the the Sanctuary, such a beautiful and miraculous creation with guiding philosophies that really resonate with my self. I am excited to start a new chapter in my journey by immersing myself in a community of like-minded individuals and soaking up all the learning and new experiences that I can.

I currently work in mental health and wellness, at a centre that focuses on addiction and trauma. I am really eager however to expand my knowledge and explore all modalities of healing. I am also a holistic nutritionist and I love helping others learn how to care for themselves nutritionally, through increased understanding, motivation and self-love. Sharing my passion for food and cooking with others inspires me as I feel that nutrition is one of the most powerful ways we can love ourselves.

My hope is to become a volunteer at the Sanctuary in January and offer all the help that I can in whatever form it may take. And really it is in giving that we ourselves receive. :)

With love,


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