Volunteer Quotes from Jordan

by Jordan
(Puerto Escondido)

FIR Sauna Detox

FIR Sauna Detox

Day six of my juice cleanse at The Sanctuary and I'm suddenly in another dimension. I began to hallucinate last night before bed. It wasn't one of those uncomfortable food poisoning hallucinations, but a vivid, in-sensoral perception of an energy that the human body's senses can't process. My physical self was a structure made of a rippling, wild body of water, and "I" was there to calm it down, to calm down the ripples and shakiness with a soothing energy.

Metaphor? I think so. Psychedelic straight from within.

My energy levels have been up and down, and I feel like a sound wave vibrating through troughs and peaks, going up and down, over and over. I've been unable to practice yoga or be very physical as my pitta self generally prescribes, and in the absence of my physical dosha I see myself through different lenses; for example, I've felt a mental clarity begin to peak its head from a source of energy beyond my body, something that seems to have been shoved down deep over the years with dependence on food and caffeine.

I've been using coconut oil for oil pulling each morning and each evening, brushing with salt water before and after. The oil is a very odd color afterwards--mainly saliva, sure, but an odd color nonetheless. Not to mention my time sweating in the FIR sauna has felt very good. There's something about a profuse sweat that just makes one feel alive.

After several enemas and two Shanka Prakshalana salt-water flushes through the colon, it appears that most of the carrot, watermelon, cantaloupe, spinach, ginger, aloe vera, turmeric, apple, pear, pineapple, beet, & everything else juice is finally traveling down the large intestine, taking with it lingering bowel movements in its path. It smells like years of putrid abuse, and I'm happy to be rid of it. It makes my rushing to the toilet several times per hour well worth it.

Physically, it has been very difficult to manage a life without yoga, without a run along the beach, without any form of physical exercise whatsoever, as my physical self needs all of the sustenance I give it for other things. I am in a phase of my life where this is what I must do daily to express myself, get my blood moving and feel alive -- yet this whole new experience and approach to life is bringing me inward. Feeling (but far from) bed-ridden has given me the opportunity to gain insights about myself; who am I when just sitting and staring at the horizon for an hour, with nothing else but the moment? With no energy to even think about doing anything else?

I find myself frustrated at times, so I run to the beach, jump in the water (letting the powerful waves of La Punta kick my ass), and I scream. And it feels good. I sometimes forget to breathe properly, so I slow down and let the breath wash over me. And now, I'll close my eyes and envision that physical body of water that is me, and see how stable it is.

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