Volunteer Update by Klarissa

by Klarissa
(Puerto Escondido Mexico)

In my last blog I was finishing a juice cleanse. Now I am nearing my three month mark of being here at The Sanctuary.

This has been an interesting stay; full of change and new experiences. In the time that I’ve been here I’ve tried new techniques in meditating, done several different types of yoga, and met so many unique people who have influenced my life. I can honestly say that thanks to the atmosphere here I have made giant steps in self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Through the different activities that we have done here my confidence has grown and continues to grow. The most expansive meditations I’ve done here are the Osho breathing meditations. With them I have been able to better connect with the energy of the universe and to better connect with people. This has helped me in so many ways and has been such a vital tool in connecting with my massage clients that I have seen here.

It is always changing here and I am excited to see what the future will bring.

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