Volunteer Words and Intentions from Sheila

by Sheila
(San Francisco)

Friends, I'm the one on the right.  :)

Friends, I'm the one on the right. :)

Hi there,
I'm Sheila Hernandez, I'm a writer, dancer and yogini. The Sanctuary looks like a beautiful place to work, live and grow. I love this part of Mexico and have had many wonderful experiences here.

The very special part of the Sanctuary for me is the Homa Fire Ceremony in the mornings and evenings. This ceremony, as well as others, have been a part of my practice for almost ten years. I love travelling and seeing the world, but it's hard to bring a fire kit with me everywhere I go, so in the past I've missed this part of my practice when living abroad. So I'm very excited to come to a place that has such an integral part of my own practice, as well as yoga, meditation, conscious eating and of course the energy and beauty of nature.

I hope to bring singing, chanting, dancing and breathing to the Sanctuary. I teach Tantric breathing and meditation, and hold Ecstatic dance space, but the chanting and singing are just a part of my regular practice so I will be happy to share it. I also look forward to working in the garden, cooking, swimming and teaching!

Love and light,

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