by Fiona Dickson

I have chosen to pursue a Volunteer Position at The Sanctuary because I share and support their vision.

Through self work, cleansing, proper nutrition, conscious movement, exposure to new ideas, the development of virtues and key life skills such as sustainable agriculture, creativity, flexibility and welcomed self expression, one undergoes a complete transformation which is invaluable to his/her environment.

Like a wave all individual experiences become communal as they roll out through our social context and on to the greater community. From this perspective I draw my belief that the epicentre of the global shift we are seeking lies within individual awakening.

That is not to say that I have reached some sort of enlightened state or am not still working out exactly how I fit into this incredibly vast and complex puzzle we're all a part of - but I do know one thing for sure. The work never ends. Once you've reached one milestone it is inevitable that another seemingly more important one raises its flag on the horizon.

At this very moment in time, the only moment, we all have an opportunity to create more joy in our lives, as well as in the lives of others, and it is my deepest belief that this process begins within. I actively and intuitively seek out situations, people and projects that support both individual and communal evolution of consciousness. Upon reconnecting with ourselves, all of the other elements that are necessary to maintain this connection are - quite magically - unveiled (kind of like when you hear a word for the first time and all of a sudden start hearing it everywhere). As the heart opens, so too does the mind, and through new eyes the link between the way we treat our environment and the way we treat ourselves becomes undeniable. All of a sudden our awareness has shifted beyond the cyclic engulfing drama of our own stories and onto the state of our planet at large. The lunacy of social systems that work against the basic laws of nature within which so many people live in fear, despair, sickness or hunger can no longer be tolerated. The idea that un-beknowingly people are "nourishing" themselves with artificially produced food products, "healing" themselves with laboratory synthesized chemical compounds which have been created for profit and "educating" themselves through controlled media must not be tolerated. But how then do we change a trajectory that seems to be out of the hands of individuals?

Simple. Think globally and act locally, the summation of many small changes is a big one.

All of that which we have accepted as our fate continues only because of our acceptance of it. Mass change need not follow catastrophic events when merely forgiving and loving ourselves for who we are or aren't will suffice. The rest, as I have just spoken about, is enough of a change to shift paradigms.

This is my truth, my perspective and that which directs my life at this time. It is my wish that when I leave this current reality, I do so knowing that my journey has been in service to the whole, honest, humble and upward moving. I look forward to being a part of The Sanctuary family and to connecting them with mine. Until that date, we remain in contact across the Sun, Wind, Water and Earth.

Amor, Consciencia y Viva la Vida!


....oh, and I follow triangles ∆

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