Volunteering at The Sanctuary - Luna

by Luna

As 2014 starts, I'm continuing my travels towards the south of Mexico wishing to encounter its mystical landscapes and people.

Along the journey I have found The Sanctuary, a community where collective growth and spirituality seems to be shared and practised. What attracts me about the possibility of volunteering here is being part of a project that explores different healing modalities and that inspires us to improve our relationship with life.

As a volunteer, I wish to practically contribute towards a communal purpose of healing and live through shared values in a healthy spiritual environment.

I would also feel very blessed and happy to share with you my love for dancing, rituals and movement improvisation. I have found that through these pathways a form of healing and self-discovery can be opened; as well as a key to connect and align our imagination, body and spirit.

I also like broccoli – I think it’s a good green.


Luna :-)

Nutriendo el espíritu, con el cuerpo que baila y el corazón abierto a la vida.

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