Volunteering to give back!

by Silvia

Hola Sanctuary bloggers! Hellow internal journey travellers!

I am ready to share, my time, my effort,my experience, my smiles...and of course my fears, my doubts, my insecurities that create this human creature that is gorwing into feeling part of something much bigger.

After two years of practicing yoga to help me focuss while I was General manager of a hotel in Ibiza, I decided to make the change. Now I have just come back from India, after a second journey there. I am a certified Yoga Teacher now, and I know I am going to be contributing in projects that help expand the conscious movement that is spreading across the world. Would love to contribute in the Sanctuary as i love your vision and your mission.

Reading about you, looking at your faces, I feel I belong there so I would love to explore what else I can give and how we can grow together.

Un abrazo

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