Week Two: The Ebb & Flow of Things

by Saar

My second week at The Sanctuary has been a valuable experience, which has taught me a lot about myself. Better yet: about how I use, can, and at times need, to preserve my energy.

The week of my arrival was full of energetic workshops, which brought us to an ultimate high as a group – then presented us with the fact that we can’t always be giving a 150%. We can’t be who we want to be, if quiet time for proper self-care and reflection is not included. I feel that is what all of us have been focusing on during the past week. When was the last time we really stood still, listened to our bodies and let it relax when it asked for it?

I know for myself, it had been long – too long. With all the tension that had built up in my body, it was no surprise that I felt pretty wiped out as soon as my subconscious became aware of the fact that if I should take a break – now was the time. I am grateful that I got physically forced to relax; to go through cycles of frustration and acceptation. Of days on which I could barely get out of bed, and felt guilty about not being able to contribute as much as I desired. And days on which I could ease into this sensation and let myself be. What better place to go through such a process; as part of a community that fully supports you, and in which everybody is and can be honest about the way they feel and grow.

Nutritional Protocol
Even though I spent a lot of time in bed, looking back my time has not been as unproductive as I thought. I did a wonderful intake with our yoga teacher Christina (bless her for being so open and honest), for whom I will be making a nutritional protocol. Creating these protocols always proves to be a good time-investment, as it is so intriguing to really dive into somebody’s health history and to start seeing connections. I always learn a lot when playing health detective, and with all the information she has provided, I am positive that I’ll be able to guide her towards more balance in any aspects in her life that are in need, as well as gaining so much knowledge myself.

Besides working on the protocol, I was also able to prepare my very first workshop. It was on a topic which we all deal with – whether we want to admit it or not: Emotional Eating. It turned out to be an intimate get-together which provided us all with a lot of space to discuss our thoughts, share knowledge, and take in new information. I have felt pretty tensed around giving this workshop, walking around with a head full of irrational thoughts, and it is such a relief to have this wonderful evening to look back on. I can’t wait to give more workshops, and am glad to have the opportunity to practice my skills in this somewhat ‘safe’ environment.

Everything seems to tie together perfectly, as all of us (volunteers) are starting to feel fully recharged, prepped and good to go for our upcoming retreat – which will start this Sunday. I know it will be a whirlwind of impressions and amazing experiences, and can’t wait to meet our guests. As it is my desire to run retreats in the (near) future, I feel blessed to get an insight into the organization and running of this retreat. I have already been able to learn a lot by just observing how Bek and Christian run things around here, and can’t wait for all that is yet to come.

Think about it
When was the last time you really stood still and listened to your body? Do you really need to eat that bowl of ice-cream right now, or are you really just in need of a good chat with your best friend? Do you feel tired, but resist taking a nap? Have a go at it!

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