Who am I, Atma Love ?

Hello. My name is Atma Love, aka Atma Sangat Singh, aka Peter Adams.

Who am i? Before i tell you about the perhaps philosophical idea of Who I Am, i will share a little about my more recent life, on this planet earth.

For the first 40 years or so of my life i lived a fairly "normal" life, born in England, brought up alongside by brothers and sister by my parents who did their best to teach me about life. In 2005 i began to "awaken" to a different reality, begining to understand that there was more to life than the physical manifest world which is all that science, and our society teaches us about. 

Who am i?

I first started learning about natural ways of healing during a Yoga Teacher Training course at Agama Yoga in Thailand in 2008. The following year when a friend was diagnosed with cancer, i started researching about natural health and have not stopped since. Back then I created a webpage sharing much information and resources about a natural way to cure cancer. 

While traveling through the US to Mexico in my RV, i shared with everyone who would listen about what i had been learning. In San Fransisco i interviewed Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free, then continued my journey into Mexico, met with Shamans and experimented with plant medicines. At one point in La Paz, Baja California, having had a minor traffic accident with a Mexican oncologist, i was told by the oncologist who routinely took mammograms, that he knew they caused cancer!

From 2009 i lived mostly in Mazunte, Oaxaca whilst continuing to train with Agama Yoga & then with Hridaya yoga (using self-enquiry, who am i? question of Ramana Maharshi), taking many silent meditation retreats. In May 2012, having previously successfully tried MMS, i completed a training course to learn the correct use of MMS and became a "Minister of Health" for the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

In October 2012 i opened The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, as a supportive space to continue my spiritual growth, and an outlet to share about what i have learned and continue to integrate into my life.  Since then i have had the opportunity to attend many trainings in modalities such as Reflexology, Raw Food preparation, Thai massage, The Art of Ascension, and many more. I have also been and continue to be blessed, by many visiting guests who act as mirrors of consciousness to me, offering me untold opportunities to learn lessons and continue to expand my growth in consciousness.

In 2013, at the end of a summer break in Europe, i took a trip to India to spend six weeks with an intuitive healer, Shruti Kher, where i learned amongst other things, the vital importance of clarity of needs and of fair energy exchange in relationships. At around the same time i discovered the book and process Radical Forgiveness, which i found to be so useful in both explaining the consciousness of oneness and helping to resolve virtually all issues, that i made it compulsory reading for staff at The Sanctuary.  

While travelling in Portugal during the summer of 2015, i discovered The Presence Process, which provides a practical, gentle, integrative process to integrate previously unintegrated emotional trauma. The Presence Process which continues to help me enormously to respond from a place of love, as opposed to reacting from unconscious patterns created from childhhod trauma, and to help me to experience the presence which abides within all.

In 2017 I took a trip to Europe with intention  to find people and places to help me further open my heart. I was guided to India to an Ashram where a Being is guiding the small group of people living there on the Ancient Path of the Upanishadic Seers. I decided to make this place my home and a little later closed The Sanctuary in Mexico. In 2019 however i moved to Bulgaria where i bought some land with a house and barn. I named my new house Atmanna.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in coming to Bulgaria either to volunteer at Atmanna or for a personal retreat.

Who am i really?

Who am i really? My current belief is that, as opposed to my physical body which is just a vehicle for consciousness, i am an individuation of the one (All that Is, Holy Spirit, God, The Universe).

Having said all that, actually that person i wrote about above is not the real me. I will briefly try to explain, but bear in mind words cannot adequately describe what i am attempting to communicate (they can only point the way), and also bear in mind that I am not self-realised, or at least my consciousness is still attached to this body, so these words are even less adequate. And there is a paradox which can only be experientially realised.


A strong conviction I currently hold (loosely) is that all dis-ease is illusory (yet appears real whilst believing / living in the illusion), AND that all (illusory) disease can be “cured” and can help us awaken from the dream.


This human life we (apparent) human-beings think we are living, on planet earth, is not real reality, it is more like a dream, which appears real even if we know we are dreaming.

We think we are a real person who has a body and is separate from other bodies. Whereas actually we are One-being but have forgotten (been programmed by parents, peers, society to forget) that we are One (often called God, or The Universe, or Cosmic Consciousness, or Brahman, or Allah, etc.). This life on earth is like the dream of god, or The Divine Comedy, or The Play of Life, or a movie where the human-BEings are the characters in the movie but have forgotten they are playing a part, forgotten they are actually the writer and director of the movie / Play of Life and spend there lives as Human-Doings.

How do we usually know we are dreaming? When we wake up from the dream (or if we are having a lucid dream). It seems that when fully awake we no longer identify with the "i", we no longer identify with the body, instead we can watch the always changing characters acting in the movie being projected onto the never changing eternal screen, which is the true, real and only self. Then, detached from the drama, we can if we wish, act consciously in god like ways, or just rest in the background of stillness.

Knowing that all of the characters apparently around me, and all the animals and rocks and trees are projections (or superimpositions) on the one, or said another way, are all me, and acting from this conceptual understanding, and from faith in One, can perhaps help fully liberate me from the false limiting beliefs of the dreamworld. We will see :-)



ps. i like to sing -------------->

who am i?

Deep-inside-my-heart from Yogi Sinzapatos on Vimeo.

Deep inside my heart i’ve got this
Everlasting light it’s shining
Like the sun it radiates on everyone
And the more that i give
The more i’ve got to give
It’s the way that i live
It’s what i’m living for

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