Yoga Meditation Retreat
The Art of Ascension
13th July to 15th July 2015
7-10pm Monday, 10am-5pm Tuesday & Wednesday
Location: Kadikalesi, Bodrum, Turkey

I am very pleased to be hosting a yoga meditation retreat The Art of Ascension workshop at Alfa Apart in Kadekalesi, near Turgutreis, Bodrum, Turkey.

I first came across these teachings by the Ishayas, in January 2012 whilst fasting in Yucatan, Mexico when I read the book Enlightenment, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, A New Translation and Commentary by MSI. At that time i was so taken by what i was reading that i decided i wanted to learn the Ascension techniques spoken about in the book and bring them to the healing center i was intending to open. Although i read the book several times since (and even recorded myself reading it), it was not until May 2014 when my passion to learn ascension was ignited after reading another book First Thunder by the same author. I finished the book in less than 2 days and immediately wrote to the Ishayas asking if i could sponsor a teaching at The Sanctuary. This workshop happened at The Sanctuary in February 2015 and i have been practicing the ascension techniques twice daily ever since. I am very happy with the results i am experiencing in my life. I am delighted that the Ishayas have agreed to bring this workshop to Bodrum, Turkey, and now look forward to ascending with you.

Pete Adams, Founder of The Sanctuary

yoga meditation retreat - yoga meditation retreat

yoga meditation retreat  -  yoga meditation retreat - yoga meditation retreat

What is the Art of Ascension yoga meditation retreat?

The Art of Ascension is not a belief system, it is not a new religion or an old religion; it is a series of mechanical techniques that give both the mind and body exactly what they need/desire to work in optimal efficiency. 

To explain how that works and what happens is a lot more difficult than the actual process of it happening while we are Ascending. However, essentially what happens is the accumulation of stress or fear, doubt and limited energy is washed away and we are left with a free and clear mind/body to approach our lives in appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion.

It is a very simple practice. No Belief is required for it to mantra, no effort,  no control. It is that simple and incredibly effective. In fact it is so effective it can be practiced not only as a meditation but also with the eyes open in the hustle and bustle of daily activities.

Whenever life becomes hectic or crazy or you feel stressed out, you can Ascend – And from Ascending return to silence, to peace, to innocence... to the present moment.

Learn more about the Teaching:

To learn even more about the Ishayas and Ascension you can read some of the wonderful books they share, visit I (pete) have read Enlightenment, First Thunder & Second Thunder and highly recommend them.

Who are the teachers?

Arya and Nagendra Ishaya

Arya Ishaya learned how to Ascend in February of 2008 and from that weekend until this very day, has continuously used the practice of Ascension to transform her life for the better. Her passion for the Teaching inspired her to dive into a six month "in residence" course with The Ishaya Foundation in which she discovered how to teach these life transforming techniques in the purest way possible. Since that time Arya continues to stay in close contact with the foundation to ensure her ability to efficiently teach this ancient tradition to others. Arya believes the greatest power of any True Teaching is about the first hand experience the teaching provides for those that use it, she is constantly pointing to the power of the Teaching and helping others use it more effectively in their everyday lives. Arya is very active in sharing her love for the Art of Ascension and teaches courses all over the globe. She is also an internal link to the sponsors in various areas, having helped to develop the online sponsoring of Ascension program so that more people globally have access to this powerful Teaching.

Nagendra Ishaya is from Finland where he learned the practice February 2010, after seeking... and traveling widely in South East Asia and especially in India, and practicing regularly different types of meditations. Nagendra immediately fell in love with Ascension, since practice is so simple and natural, but before all else, extremely powerful. Nagendra felt from the beginning, that the Art of Ascension could be his path, but it took some years of Ascending illusions and limitations of the mind, that he was able to take next step: to come to Teacher Training in U.S. Now Nagendra is dedicated his life for healing of humanity, starting from the healing of the Self.

"Having been teaching for the past several years with many teachers, I can share that Nagendra is a fabulous teacher of Ascension with a huge heart and sincere commitment to the Ishayas Teaching." - Arya Ishaya

Photo from a First Sphere Workshop Nagendra and Arya taught together in USA in March 2014.

When is The Art of Ascension Workshop?

The Schedule for this yoga meditation retreat Workshop includes: A combination of understanding "how it works" and time for direct personal experience using the simple techniques you will be given.

7-10pm Monday evening 13th July: Introduction to the practice; Learn how to Ascend; Receive the Praise Technique.

10am - 5pm Tuesday 14th July: Review how to Ascend; Learn the mechanics of Ascension; Receive the Gratitude and Love Techniques.

10am - 5pm Wednesday 15th July: Receive the Compassion Technique

What is the Cost of the workshop and how do I register?

There is a one-time workshop fee in the amount of $375 USD

This fee includes unlimited audits of the First Sphere workshop at worldwide locations at no extra charge.  This price is for workshop attendance only & does not include accommodation or food.

**The Ascension techniques can potentially be provided in Turkish, however the instruction will be provided in English.  

To register for the workshop or for more information, the Contact Teacher of this Workshop is Arya Ishaya, or call 1-(573) 216-9373 (USA contact).  

Registration Deadline 15th June 2015

Please visit this page for prices for visiting The Sanctuary as a resident guest.

What is the cost of accomodation?

Please visit this page for information about accommodation at Alfa Apart, Kadikalesi, near Turgutreis, Bodrum, Turkey where the workshop will take place.

Registration Deadline 15th June 2015

To register for the workshop or for more information, the Contact Teacher of this Workshop is Arya Ishaya, or call 1-(573) 216-9373 (USA contact).  

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