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Schedule and Conditions

The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat Center is located in La Punta Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat Center Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule for The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat Center serves to incorporate the spiritual foundation of our community, helping to maintain an awareness of our spirit (the real self), our physical and energetic bodies and a heightened state of presence. As a guest staying at The Sanctuary, you are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the schedule which we firmly believe can assist in your healing process.

The Sanctuary is now closed.

 but please visit other pages on this site to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

You may also visit my Atmanna Page to read about and see my new home in Bulgaria and what i offer here.

Times below are subject to change to ensure smooth operations, eg. daylight savings time changes.

Approx. Time


Suggested Minimum Weekly Attendance

0645 - 0740

Sitting meditation - 40 minutes plus Mantra singing. (Monday to Saturday)


0745 - 0900

Yoga Practice (Monday to Saturday)


0915 - 0945

Break-fast & Work-flow Meeting

Smoothie for breakfast (including many powerful healing supplements) OR very occasionally oats/amaranth with raisins, coconut, dates, stevia etc. 

This is a time for meeting together as a family. Please be sure to join us on time at 9.15am so as not to keep others waiting. At about 0930 we usually have a morning Check-In (an opportunity to share our feelings, and perhaps to ask for or offer support if needed) and our karma work-flow meeting to discuss our work plans for the day.


1000 - 1300

Retreat Sessions & Staff and Karma work period.

Guests who are not joining one of our Healing Retreats may take time for personal cleansing using our healing protocol, relaxation, read a book from our library, or perhaps enjoy a personal healing session such as a therapeutic massage, or a Shiatsu or Reiki session.

1300 - 1330

Lunch. This is our main meal of the day. All who are staying at The Sanctuary are strongly encouraged to join together at this time for a delicious vegan family meal prepared with love and for sharing time and space together.


1330 - 1400

Lunchtime clean up. Usually we take turns, from our agreed work exchange hours.

1400 - 1630

Retreat Session or Free Time, and/or additional karma work time. You might visit the nearby beaches for swimming or a surf lesson, or perhaps catch a collectivo truck into the town centre or Playa Zicatela for some shopping or sight-seeing.

1630 - 1830

Beach / rest time for all.

1830 approx.

Dinner. A light evening snack, usually consisting of leftovers from lunchtime or fruit. A light meal at this time supports the bodies requirement for rest and rejuvenation overnight.

The kitchen (and dining area) is strictly closed for the evening sharing session to help keep a sacred space in the downstairs area.


2000 - 2130

Sometimes we start as early as 1930 or as late as 2030 (depending upon sunset time)

Evening Satsang & Sharing Session (except Sundays)

Usually starting with a heart circle, and finishing with a meditation, the content of evening sessions depend on who is here and what we have to share. The purpose of these sessions is to help us open up more to "god". The sessions vary from sound therapy with our set of Tibetan singing bowls, restorative yoga, group massage sessions, natural health talks, musical jam sessions, consciousness opening movies/audio's or individual spiritual practices.



Strict Silence & Sleep. Wi-Fi is turned off overnight. Silence is from 10.30 pm until after meditation at around 0730 am.

Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center

The Sanctuary is now closed.

 but please visit other pages on this site to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

You may also visit my Atmanna Page to read about and see my new home in Bulgaria and what i offer here.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for staying at The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat Center 


We are a vegan household serving mostly raw food and mostly gluten free. We are usually unable to cater to individual dietary restriction, but please ask in advance if you have any specific needs so we can let you know if we can help.   Eating mostly raw and living foods (such as sprouted seeds, grains and nuts) gives us far more energy than processed "dead" food. Our aim is to serve around 70-80% raw food. 

Our usual menu consists of a large (375 ml) green smoothie for breakfast (with a tonic - a selection of healing additives such as Ginger, Moringa, Turmeric, agnihotra ash, cardamon, cinnamon, aloe vera, borax, cayenne, cloves etc.), a good sized and varied gluten free vegan lunch & a light snack for dinner (usually left overs from lunchtime or some fruit). Occasionally we serve oats for breakfast.

Although avoiding snacking between meals might be more supportive to the healing process, we offer 2-3 of pieces of fruit per day as snacks between meals if required. We do not offer kitchen access to guests or staff except for preparation of community food at authorised times. No food is allowed in bedrooms to avoid attracting insect. There is a small fridge just outside the kitchen where you can label and store a small amount of personal food.

You may find it supportive to your health to supplement the food we provide with some “super-foods” like Spirulina & Maca which are not included in our prices. They are available for purchase at Moringa Fresh and Wild which is about 10 mins walk from The Sanctuary.

No coffee, meat, fish, processed "junk" foods or dairy products are allowed in the grounds of The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat Center.

You may have detox symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, body aches and pains, headaches, tiredness, and/or emotional outbreaks for a while as you eat more foods that cleanse the body. As you increase your input of higher vibrational foods (raw foods - fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc - which have high life force energy), the old lower vibrational energies in your body will release in the form of physical detox and/or old emotional issues. These symptoms may be more prevalent the less clean your diet was before you started your detox and the faster you implement more of the foods that detox your body. These symptoms may be reduced by following more of the cleansing modalities in our healing protocol.


Sundays  are Fasting days to bring the body back to a humble center. We usually fast with coconut water.

Another option is Water Fasting with support of live supplements such as ginger, turmeric, aloe vera and lemon. Another possibility is Coconut Fasting. Although we strongly encourage fasting on Sundays to allow the digestive system to rest & give the body time for healing, we currently offer an an option to eat fruit or leftovers instead of fasting.  No food preparation is done on Sundays. If you choose to fast with coconut water, you will be provided with up to 4 x 375 ml servings.


We are currently (6November 2015) using a Berkey Water Purifier (which has been treated with technology. When needed we also buy filtered water in 20 litre bottles. Our intention in the near future is to investigate the quality of this water and find ways to improve the purity & vibration. We invite volunteers to help investigate options.


No alcohol, tobacco, illegal plant medicines, or pharmaceutical drugs (unless declared) are allowed in the grounds of The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat Center.

We strongly encourage that whilst staying at The Sanctuary, you refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. While it is okay to do these things outside in moderation, be aware that there could be an impact that would not be supportive to those here going through their own process upon your return here. Potentially if your actions are not supportive of the healing space you could be asked to cut short your stay at The Sanctuary with a partial refund for the unused part of the stay as per our cancellation/early departure terms (details on price pages).


We live in an suburban area. There are noises around us, such as dogs barking, cockerels crowing (often during the night) & local vendors with loudspeakers from their vehicles (from as early as 7am).  We are about 100 metres from a basketball court where events and parties are sometimes held with very loud music. This happens usually only once or twice a month, but can be more frequent in holiday periods. We also have a neighbour who turns is music up very loud during the day, but usually this is only for an hour or so, and only about once per month.

Most people get used to the sounds around. Others are disturbed and have trouble sleeping. Please bring earplugs (or buy in local pharmacies) if you feel this may be a problem for you.


Our karma guests agree to partake in some community work in The Sanctuary as part of the energy exchange payment for their stay. This is beneficial both for the guest (learning to work and live as part of a family team), and for The Sanctuary (to help reduce costs and therefore not need to charge so much to guests). To be able to receive the full energetical benefits of staying at The Sanctuary, it is important that the you as a karma guest willingly complete the work which is shared with you by our management team. We usually ask you to complete an online time sheet (Gmail account required), detailing the work you do. By doing this it will help you to remember the work you are allocated and monitor the hours you work. It will also help our management team to ensure that the work is being completed and that the karma guests are giving their agreed energy exchange. We thank you for your co-operation and to help make an often difficult job (of allocating and supervising work) flow more easily. If you fail to complete your time sheet (usually online) as requested and/or to complete your work requirement, you will either be asked to pay the extra amount (eg. differentce between Guest rate & appropriate Karma Guest rate) or asked to leave early, with the appropriate cancelation cost being applicable.


Like any other location there are possibilities of outside negative energies, accidents, burglaries etc. The policy of The Sanctuary is not to feed these potentialities by buying into insurance. Instead we intend that we are guided, guarded and protected for the highest good. We also advise taking sensible precautions by closing windows and locking doors when the house is empy, or at night.  The Sanctuary is however unable to recompense for any personal loss or injury. Please do not choose to stay at The Sanctuary if you are not happy with this. If you are not comfortable with this, then you have the option of taking your own personal insurance.


To support the time for healing during sleep and ensure sufficient rest for a pre-sunrise start to the day with  meditation, the house is locked at 10.30 pm and silence is maintained thereafter until after meditation the following morning. There can be occasional exceptions to this rule, perhaps for some group nights out and/or on other occasions as long as we are sure other guests will not be disturbed. The general rule however is that the house is always locked at 10.30 pm, so please consider this carefully before choosing to stay at The Sanctuary. 

The internet at The Sanctuary is not particularly fast, especially when many are using it, therefore you may not be able to stream audio or video. We discourage the frequent use of facebook, twitter etc. You may be limited to one device only and possibly only given internet access at certain times to ensure the communication needs of The Sanctuary are maintained. 

To help the body wind down and therefore promote healthy sleep, and again to encourage early rising for meditation, the use of internet is discouraged after dinner. Please don't use internet in the rooms after 9 pm. The internet is switched off at 10.30 pm.


To allow time for cleaning and preparing of sleeping spaces, we ask for you to Check in after 2pm and Check out by 10am. 


Although The Sanctuary is predominantly a space for adults, there have been and will continue to be occasions when we accept children as guests in our healing space. We are careful when choosing to allow or not children to stay with their parent/s so as to do our best to ensure that all our guests are given space to go through their healing process. 


If you cancel or leave The Sanctuary early, you will receive only a part refund. Please be sure you completely understand and accept this as we do not want you to be dissapointed if for any reason you choose to cancel or leave early. The percentage charged varies depending upon what guest category you choose. See the Guest Prices page & our Volunteer Guest Prices page for information about our payment terms and cancellation / early departure costs.


Payments for the Non-Resident (or teaching only element) of Retreats & Workshops are non-refundable, as decisions are often made and costs incurred based upon payments received. Therefore, before booking please be certain you will not cancel, or accept you will not be refunded if you are unable to attend.


Please note that to be able to offer the prices we charge, often vastly lower than other healing centers, we rely mostly on our work exchange and volunteer guest staff to operate our community.  Our daily schedule (including yoga classes) is facilitated by both our karma guests and staff who do not necessarily have professional qualifications. 

What is offered, will depend upon who is staying in our community and what they have to share. It may not always be possible to fully maintain our schedule, yet often we offer more.

This also applies to support available to guests taking advantage of our healing protocol, our juice fasting, raw food & other retreats. We have an ample supply of guidance by way of books, video & audio. 

Professionally qualified support is not included in our prices as we do not employ staff for this purpose. We do offer our guests introductory support meetings with our management team, but these are limited to about 10 or 15 minutes. Further weekly meetings are available on request. During the summer season, these support meetings may take place via Skype. With advance notice, we can offer more in depth personal guidance sessions as an optional extra. See Pricing.

The Sanctuary is not a hotel. Rather it is like a large family house in which we can support each other in our healing processes.

Please be aware that our staff only work part time. They also need their own space and time undisturbed. Generally our staff are only available for brief support or questions up until lunchtime.

Obviously for emergencies, then go ahead and ask if you have a question which cannot wait, otherwise please respect the time off space for our staff and wait until the next day, or make a booking for one of our healing therapies.

Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center

Please help expand our Spiritual Library

We would like to expand our library so that every visitor can find books in many different languages. We ask everyone coming to bring one or several second hand books he or she likes in his or her mother tongue language to take part in this project. It is not an obligation of course, but if you like the idea of expanding our library, then please help us. Muchas gracias.

Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center - Yoga Retreat Center

Non Resident Visitors

At The Sanctuary we offer various activities for visitors to join. Click for Prices:

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The Sanctuary is now closed.

 but please visit other pages on this site to learn about and/or contribute information about healing naturally.

You may also visit my Atmanna Page to read about and see my new home in Bulgaria and what i offer here.

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