Yoga Teacher Moss

The Sanctuary are delighted to welcome a new yoga teacher Moss to our healing team. Joining us at the beginning of October 2015 for at least 6 months to help manage The Sanctuary, Moss brings with him a wealth of experience.

Yoga Teacher Moss

Hi I'm Moss...

From an early age I have been guided by a deep curiosity and wonder towards life, which carried me amongst many teachers, masters and schools around the world.  Somewhere along the way I realized that my life is my own responsibility and I need to nurture my own well being, self love, abundance, vitality, truth and bliss within.  And that's what I've been doing for the past ten years.  Today I teach yoga, meditation and inner alchemy as well as offer personal sessions in regression therapy, trance dialogue and ayurveda healing massage.  

I guide people to be the architects of their own lives through meditation, expression, therapy and yoga (union).  This process breaks us out of old patterns that no longer serve us and inspires confidence to experience ones own nature, raw and divine.

Yoga Teacher Moss

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (+250 hours training)

Studied with Barath Shetty (long time student of BKS Iyengar, Patabi Jois and Shivananda) at Yoga Indea;
Includes elements of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Iyengar posturing (pre-props), and Vinyasa sequencing;
The Asana sequences in this system develop core strength, focus, centering and personal empowerment.

Certified Kaula Yoga Teacher (300 hours training)
Traditional Tantra Yoga in the Kaula Lineage at Shri Kali Ashram, Goa, India;
The asana sequence in this system is meditative, relaxing and profound, gentle yet firm.  
It works deeply on the pranic system (not only the physical body), guiding students to let go of physical, mental and pranic inflexibilities to encounter a deep loving and respectful relationship with themselves.

Certified Thai Yoga Masseur 
Completed training with the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage (The Sunshine Network);
This is a comprehensive full body massage (clothes on) that is both relaxing and therapeutic.  It massages and stretches the muscles, works on joint movement and opens the nadi energy channels and stimulates reflexology points.

Certified Ayurveda Masseur
Studied for over a month at the Mumuksha Center for Transformation in Mysore, India.  
This is a full body oil massage for healing and relaxation, banancing doshas and harmonizing elements.
The body, mind, emotions and memories are integrated in this deeply transformational and ancient massage.

Certified Regression Therapist
Studied for over a month at the Mumuksha Center for Transformation in Mysore, India.  
Exploration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues by accessing and releasing traumatic memories

Ayurvedic Walking Masseur 
Studied this traditional Siddha Walking Massage for 6 weeks at Shri Kali Ashram, India
It balances the prana and nadis and warms up the body for the physical practices of the day.

To book a session with Moss, find out in more detail what he offers on our Healing Therapies page.

You can learn more about Moss and directly experience what he has to offer by coming to stay as a guest at The Sanctuary. You can also visit his website

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