Yoni Healing Seminar

by Ricarda
(Puerto Escondido)

Yoni Healing

Yoni Healing

Yoni Healing Seminar at The Sanctuary: Monday & Tuesday 16th & 17th June 2013

"I would like to invit you on a journey towards our core, the inner temple of femininity - our yoni.

Yoni is the sanscrit word for female genitalia, which includes the overies and the womb.

This will be a two day women seminar. the first day - with the support of mama chocolate, a ceremonial dose of pure cacao, which helps to speak from the heart, we come together in a circle. There will be moments of dancing, of meditation and space to share where we are and how our contact and experiences is with our yoni.
And there will be a theoretical introduction to the yoni massage, combined with anatomical understanding.

The second day we will go for a "swim"... because what it really means can only be perceived by experience.
So there will be a demonstration of the whole massage and then each of you will give and receive one massage - through which I will guide you."


Please come to The Sanctuary's Shakti Cura event on Sunday 16th June at 4.30 pm sharp to meet Ricarda and hear her give a 30 - 45 minute talk about yoni healing. You can then decide if you would like to join the seminar on Monday and Tuesday. You can also watch this two minute video on facebook of Ricarda talking about a previous seminar.

We are very pleased to offer this yoni healing seminar at a very competitive cost of 600 pesos for the 2 days, which will include a light snack of fruit, a juice and some tea. You may also join The Sanctuary Healing Team us for a delicious vegan lunch lunch for an additional 60 pesos per day.

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Jun 07, 2014
Less words aré beaterías!
by: Jesús Guzmán

Thank you

Jun 13, 2013
Woman’s Divine Yoni Power
by: Anonymous

"When women receive a man’s lingam into their Yoni without love, his residual emotions and energies stay in the Yoni for up to seven years, clogging and causing stagnation in the nadis and a loss of the Woman’s Divine Yoni Power." - http://www.tantra-ifc-the-art-of-conscious-love.com/yoni_healing.html

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